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DPO International currently has international offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, China, South Korea, Sri Lanka and the Philippines. With more than 200 employees across Asia, our teams include Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Food Science & Regulatory Affairs, Product Specialists, IT, Finance and Human Resources amongst others.

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Supply Chain Management (SCM) Manager (Jakarta)


  • Report directly to the Regional Head of SCM Division.
  • Job portfolio encompass:
    1. Development of SCM Concepts on local level.
      1. Support achieving business objectives by translating the relevant business process needs to  interdependent SCM activities such as, but not limited to:
        1. Optimum-level inventory management. 
        2. Cost minimisation. 
        3. Improvement of service levels and meet the customer’s requirements and expectation.
        4. To increase the competitiveness of the company through optimization of SCM operations process and shorten the supply lead time to customers.   
        5. Safety / regulatory compliance in distribution and transportation e.g. custom clearance. 
    2. SCM Continuous Process Improvement.
      1. Data / Information Management.
        Effective usage of DPO business tools such as DPO XChange, SPLAC, e-HRM, e-logistics, e-platter and I2Xchange etc. to streamline the business process, improve the efficiency and effectiveness.
      2. Process Improvement.
        Procurement → To improve the following to ease for working capital plan and improve the services to customers.
        • To shorten the lead time of the supply from Principals and vendors.
        • To assess the vendor performance within time period for corrective and preventive actions taken.
        • To reduce the operation and logistics costs for improving the company competitiveness.
        • To ensure the supply is consistent and deliver the goods timely to reduce the operations cost.
      3. Shipping → To shorten the delivery lead time and minimize the logistics cost.
        1. Review the shipment arrangement, analyzing the delivery performance for corrective the preventive actions taken to shorten the delivery lead time and customs clearance in the destination country.
        2. Improve the sourcing, compare the delivery lead time, services and rate quoted by the service providers to minimize the total logistics cost.
        3. Monitor the importation and ensure that the import & export shipments are proper managed and compliance to the company policy as well as local rules and regulations. 
      4. Customer Service → To meet customer’s expectation and requirements.
        1. Review the distribution network, optimize the loading and distribution to speed up the delivery to customer and minimize the logistics cost.
        2. To deliver the goods on time in full quantity.
        3. Prevent any discrepancy on the delivery.
        4. Monitoring the changes of customer’s order, coordinate with Sales Personnel and respective parties for the change.
      5. Inventory Management → Optimization of inventory management and ensure that the warehouse operations is well managed.
        1. Monitor and improve the ordering process flow, coordinate and communicate among SCM, Sales and Finance divisions to ensure the stocks are adequate supply without excessive oversupply. 
        2. To ensure the stocks movement are updated on time and accurate.
        3. To coordinate with Sales Personnel and ensure the stocks are cleared within the shelf-life, reduce slow and non-moving inventory.
        4. To ensure the stocks are labelled, kept in the proper and safe location, the warehouse operation is compliance to the requirements of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) and 5S.
    3. Relationship Management.
      1. Customer Relationship Management.
        1. To have better understanding the requirements of customer, deliver the goods on time in full quantity, coordinate and communicate timely with customer the order amendment or cancellation, update customer the delivery schedule and shipment arrival.
        2. Handling the customer’s complaint. 
          • Conduct the investigation with respective parties such as warehouse personnel, service provider or driver to resolve the discrepancy of the delivery. To ensure the corrective and preventive action is taken is accordance with company’s policy, standard procedure and guideline.
          • Complete the Discrepancy Report and forward the supporting documents to:
            • Sales Personnel to agree the claim for the discrepancy.
            • Finance for issuing debit or credit note as per agreement.
            • Service Providers and/or insurance company and obtain the claim for the mistake made so that Finance can issue debit or credit note to the respective party as per agreement.
      2. Supplier Relationship Management.
        1. To define the KPI (Key Performance Indicator) and helping vendors / principals to have better understanding their performance will be measured and helps the Sales Personnel holistic view of how the vendors / principal are performing across the organization. 
        2. To communicate the standard procedures, process and clear governance with the vendors / principals to have better understanding and to ensure the goods and services are provided to the required level.
    4. Service Level with Customers and Service Providers. 
      Implement and maintain a service system to track the service levels especially the availability and reliability of delivery, so as to analyse potential drawbacks for improvements and take corrective measures before damage claim to protect the interest of DPO. 
    5. Risk Management. 
      1. Carry out risk analysis related to the business with key vendors 
      2. Safeguard important materials/ products and/ or services in the long term.
      3. Avoid dependence on one single source of vendors, develop a systematic pre-selection of service provider(s) and monitor their performance level to ensure consistent and reliable service. 
    6. Leadership Responsibility.
      1. Lead and direct team in implementation of SCM strategies improvement initiatives and act as an interface between Indonesia and other offices.
      2. Manage the performance and development for the SCM team i.e. performance appraisal, planning, communication and training and development to ensure continuous improvement in teamwork.
    7. Budget and Control. 
      Review and develop annual budget together with the Country Manager for the SCM Division in Indonesia.  Monitor and control SCM related expenses are within the approved budget.
    8. Other Responsibilities.
      1. Involve and participate actively in events or functions organized by SCM Division. 
      2. Perform any other tasks or projects assigned by supervisor from time to time.
      3. Facilitate the employee communication sessions, briefings/meetings and training on SCM processes / systems. 
    9. Key Performance Indicator.
      1. On time delivery in full quantity to customers.
      2. To ensure all transactions are updated timely and the stocks are accurate.
      3. Logistic cost reduction.
      4. Vendors Assessment for all service providers and vendors.
      5. Improve the operations process in Indonesia.
      6. Optimize the resources through improving the competency of SCM team.
      7. Assist on setting up the offices in Indonesia.


  • Candidate must possess a Degree, Diploma or Professional Certificate from accredited institutions of higher learning.
  • At least 5 years related working experience Warehousing.

  • Preferably Manager / Assistant Managers specializing in Logistics / Supply Chain or equivalent. 
  • Well versed with MS office.

  • Applicants must be willing to work in Tangerang.

  • Good communication skills (verbal & written) in English Language.

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