Why Us?

Our Services Division aims to offer comprehensive services for the food industry. By being in the business for over 20 years, our experts know what it takes to get your business off the plate and into the mouths of hungry consumers.

Whether its transforming websites into digital assets, unleashing your organization’s full potential with innovative IT solutions, efficient supply chain management or conceptualizing food concepts, your story matters to us. Servicing only food industry clients, we pride ourselves with the knowledge that,  ‘Our industry is your industry


Your Story Matters to Us

‘Ala-carte’ services or ‘whole meals’, the choice is entirely yours as we offers you the choice of customizing your packages, choosing the best ingredients to suit your business needs.

Contact Us and we’ll cook up a strategy on how we could best assist you to ensure that your story matters to your market.


All Services



We’re all about providing ‘tasty’ services for the food industry. We love ‘cooking up’ websites into digital assets, spicing up your social media presence, taking stock photography to the trash and creating juicy content across digital & print platforms, amongst other things.



Information and Communication Technology

By creating in-house solutions and using them in our very own business, we know what really works when it comes to using technology to solve business issues and to soar your organization upwards. From application development to implementing digital ecosystems, let us ascend your brand to new heights.



HRM small

Human Resource Management

Human resource management is essential to any organization whether big or small. Our HRM services are here to help with one thing, maximizing the value of your employees to drive organizational growth. Every tasty meal has a perfect combination of optimal ingredients, we’ll ensure your employees are the perfect match to your growing company.



Science and Regulatory

Product registration, certification and label inspections could be a tedious and long process. Instead of the hassle, let us take care of matters for you. Whether or not it’s pertaining to regulatory work, food concept development or to gain a better understanding of ingredients, our food scientists and regulatory experts knows what’s best, simply because they understand the ‘science behind the plate'.



Supply Chain Management

Shipping, customs clearance, warehousing and delivery, we take care of everything for you, ensuring your product is delivered straight to your doorstep. We do not just offer services when it comes down to supply chain management, we offer EFFICIENCY.



Finance and Legal

Incorporating new companies & adhering to different international laws and even ‘buttery’ legal support, our legal team are practically Master Chefs when it comes to navigating strict laws as they deal with various regulations in different countries on a daily basis.