As a leading specialized food distribution company in the Asian region, DPO International has a seamless blend of business activities, ranging from buying, shipping and storing, end-to-end supply chain solutions, as well as local and international regulatory services.

With over 20 years of professional experience in the food industry, we offer highly customizable SERVICES for the Food Industry which are designed to transform your business objectives into reality. Our solutions are flexible and built around best practices moulded from real-life observations, executed by our highly motivated and skilled staff.

A la-carte or whole meals, the choice is entirely yours as we offer you the option of customizing your packages, choosing the best ingredients to suit your business needs. Servicing mainly food industry clients, we pride ourselves with the knowledge that ‘Our industry is your industry’.



Ala-carte services or whole meals, the choice is entirely yours as SFI offers you the choice of customizing your packages, choosing the best ingredients to suit your business needs.

Contact Us and we’ll cook up a strategy on how we could best assist you to ensure that your story matters to your market.





We’re all about providing tasty services for the food industry. We love cooking up websites into digital assets, spicing up your social media presence, taking stock photography to the trash and creating juicy content across digital & print platforms, amongst other things.

Marketing Services:

  • Developing creative packaging designs
  • Creating customized leaflets, banners & menus
  • Developing food concepts & branding
  • Creating localized digital campaigns & websites
  • Providing creative copywriting & editorial services 



Product registration, certification and label inspections could be a tedious and long process. Instead of the hassle, let us take care of matters for you. Our regulatory experts are well versed in regulatory guidelines throughout South East Asia as they regularly consult for clients in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, China & more.

Regulatory Services:

  • Doing product registration
  • Consultation on HS Codes & Halal Applications
  • Auditing of factories when required



Our experienced team of food scientists are always innovating and finding ways to conceptualize new & improved food concepts. Whether or not you’re looking to develop a new product from scratch or if you need nutritional advice, our food scientists know what’s best, simply because they understand the science behind every plate.

Formulation Services:

  • Developing formulations & recommending technological improvements
  • Providing advice on nutritional improvements

supply chain management

Supply Chain Management

Shipping, customs clearance, warehousing and delivery, we take care of everything for you, ensuring your product is delivered straight to your doorstep. We do not just offer services when it comes down to supply chain management, we offer EFFICIENCY.

Supply Chain Management Services:

  • Pick up from supplier’s factory
  • Advise on export documentation
  • Organizing shipments
  • Importation & doing customs clearance
  • Delivering to warehouses
  • Checking batch-based quantity & quality
  • Handling incoming & outgoing stock movements
  • Doing detailed order picking & providing stock reports
  • Ensuring proper storage conditions
  • Providing additional labelling
  • Distribution of products

contract manufacturin

Contract Manufacturing

Offering consumers & businesses a superior choice of quality specialty ingredients & blends, customized packing, fresh frozen foodstuffs & more, all tailored to the customer’s preference. Ingredients and products that are normally sold in bulk are now available for the masses in convenient retail packs that are customized for each client.

Blending & Repacking Services:

  • Repacking bulk food in convenient retail packs
  • Assembling ready-to-eat fresh foodstuffs
  • Producing ready-to-eat meals
  • Blending single powders/ingredients into premixes
  • Slicing & marinating meat cuts

finance legal

Finance & Legal

Incorporating new companies & adhering to different international laws and even ‘buttery’ legal support, our legal team are practically Master Chefs when it comes to navigating strict laws (and pesky by-lines) as they deal with various regulations in multiple countries on a daily basis.

Finance & Legal Services:

  • Managing claims & returns
  • Providing credit & collection set-up and training services
  • Company incorporation
  • Legal support 

sourcing market analysis

Sourcing & Market Analysis

Utilizing our wide array of contacts & partners in the food industry, we are able to source for any ingredient or foodstuff at the best price for our clients. With offices located throughout most major cities within South East Asia, we are also able to work with our localized teams and on-the-ground crews to evaluate local Asian markets for new product penetration.

Sourcing & Market Analysis Services:

  • Sourcing (For 3rd parties, China & SE Asia)
  • Evaluating Market Feasibility
  • Planning market penetration
  • Negotiating prices & purchasing products


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