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    We ensure all logistical procedures are executed in the most competent manner during shipping.
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    • Advise on export documentation
    • Advise on proper transport packaging
    • Manage haulage to POL
    • Handle export customs clearance
    • Handle the air / sea Shipment to POD
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    We import quality food products & specialty ingredients from around the world for the region’s food industry.
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    • Handle product classification & registration
    • Do label review
    • Advise on healthy - logo compliance
    • Handle import customs clearance
    • Manage halal submission
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    We protect food products with effective storage & efficient transportation, ensuring the maximisation of quality, weight and shelf life.
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    • Organise demand planning
    • Manage haulage to warehouse
    • Handle incoming cargo
    • Practice FEFO-based storage
    • Manage order picking & dispatch
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    We customise products according to our clients’ specifications to stand out from other products in the market.
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    • Develop localised food concepts
    • Provide additional labelling
    • Develop customised formulations
    • Repack into customised packaging
    • Help ensure regulatory compliance
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    We promote product brands into a household name and reach millions of potential customers online & offline.
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    • Conduct in-store promotions
    • Manage local social media accounts
    • Organise product seminars
    • Create localised leaflets, banners, brochures
    • Organise application demo's
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    Our experienced sales reps help businesses thrive by ensuring their products are well marketed, restocked & serviced.
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    • Manage specialised sales-teams per market segement
    • Share sales progress reports
    • Invoice in local currency & manage forex
    • Sell online via own & 3rd party platforms
    • Extend Payment terms & collect
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    Our extensive network of distribution channels ensure products reaches consumers in a timely manner, wherever & whenever.
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    • Deliver to customer (to consumer for e-commerce)
    • Process orders
    • Ensure cold chain management
    • Manage customer complaints & returns
    • Accommodate for deliveries against cash collection


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