DPO International is a leading specialized food distribution company in the region. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we operate over 25 offices and warehouses in Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam. With our years of experience, we believe in our ability to "Bring Global Food Innovations Into Local Asian Markets".

DPO International offers a comprehensive range of specialized services ranging from buying, shipping, storing, distributing, formulating, blending and repacking to managing regulatory affairs, marketing and selling.

At DPO, we are proud contributors to the development of food culture around Asia. With people becoming more health-conscious in today’s fast-paced world, the global demand for healthy and nutritious food products are on the rise. Increasingly hectic lifestyles also mean that consumers are demanding convenience, nutrition and well-being. That is why we always ensure that our quality products provide optimum nutrition, while still having great taste. DPO International's services and products are brought to the market via these active divisions, comprising Industry, Retail, Foodservice, eCommerce and Services for the Food Industry.

Our Logo

DPO International logo

The abbreviation 'DPO' refers back to the founder, Daniel Pans, and the initial set up of the company in 1993 in Japan. There was only one office, Daniel Pans, Office. The company was, as it is now, specialised in international food trade. This explains the second part of the company name: 'International'.

The current DPO International mission, vision and values are the formal translation of the culture in this initial single office. It is thanks to this culture, our company has grown and it is this culture you find in every office of DPO International. It therefore constitutes the DNA of our company.

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